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Visualising the physical processes inside motor oil

Exxon are making a new range of “greener” oils. Director Raf Wathion contacted us again to test and produce these “temporary sculptures” . These forms exist only for a few moments and require the use of the “Phantom” high-speed camera.


Director: Raf Wathion· Special effects: Adrian Walton-Smith · Producer: Fred Vrancken at HERRING HILL PRODUCTIONS, Brussel ·

Pulse to the beat of the music…

7.1 Ferro fluid

These tests were done with 10 – 20 ml. only.

3.1 Two drops collide

Small nozzle

Large nozzle

Plunger in oil… (we can easily colour the oil with oil dyes).

Pouring rig; To be used for three different hero bottles