physical special-effects

physical special-effects


Internet commercial expressing moisturising and re-forming, developed for Psycho Films in Paris.


Director: Thomas Legrand· Special effects: Adrian Walton-Smith · DoP: Jean Poisson · Producer: PSYCHO, Paris ·

Most important is to find a “bulk” of cream which moves in the same way, glosses in the same way as the ideal product would… Here are a few of the “bulk” tests shot on the Phantom…

The moisturising cream CHANEL nr. 10 is made using a special tea sort. We had to show the tea… Selecting and distributing the best tea to get the most exciting movement… This is a Phantom take made on the set.

We made drops of water dance around in close up in front of the camera.  This is a Phantom take made on the set.

For the move around the cap, (for the packshot), we set up this simple model-mover…