Two very interesting recent projects were a perfume commercial made with director/d.o.p. Sylvain Freyens, Mensonge, and our recent trip to South Africa to work on the physical special-effects for a FA commercial being produced by TEMPOMEDIA. 

A good place to see what we are up to is our FaceBook page, which gives a less formal look at what we’re doing…

I’m also working on my own vortex project, making a vortex using physical particles, rather than a liquid or flame.

Exploding glass

Director and d.o.p. Sylvain Freyens asked us to physically explode a perfume bottle, for his “Mensonge” commercial. The parameters for this shot were very tight. The explosion had to have direction, without expanding outwards as a conventional explosion might. We tried many solutions, recording and showing our test material as we went along, going as far as to have special bottles blown by Edwin Dieperink. We very much enjoyed the concentration and attention to detail on this job.


Director & d.o.p.: Sylvain Freyens · Special effects: Adrian Walton-Smith