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physical special-effects

physical special-effects

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physical special-effects

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VIZ stands for Visible Issues, the company started by sculptor Adrian Walton-Smith. We create physical special-effects, manipulating materials and physical processes…flame, vapours, collisions, explosions etc., developing specialist rigging to make this happen.

We often work with commercial products including beer, chocolate, coffee, dairy products, all kinds of food, liquids, soap, cosmetics, etc.

Working from experience and experiment, VIZ triggers physical effects using programmable electronics, actuators and sensors.

Featured TV commercials

… showing our physical special-effects



Sculptures made using milk and filmed in high-speed. These splashes were used in the latest CANDIA commercial to be released in France, which was directed by Raf Wathion.

Spiral pouring forms created using beer for mexican company DOS EQUIS. Shot at Caramel Pictures in Amsterdam and directed by Ronald Koezier…

Sylvain Freyens completed his “Mensonge” film, for which we provided the explosion of perfume and glass.

We travelled to Cape Town to make a splash for TEMPO MEDIA

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SamsungFront2Launch of the Samsung Galaxy S6…
March 2015 saw us in Paris. Keystone Films asked us to provide the practical special-effects for the Korean launch of the Galaxy S6. There was very little prep. time. We immediately made a first visit to Paris to meet with director Ko HANKI and line producer Guillame Richard. After proposing several possible solutions, based on archive material and research, we quickly made a plan and got a crew together.

November 2014 would have us in Brussels on a 6 day shoot for Nescafé. Vortices and material interactions for 5 different  commercials, using the high-speed Phantom Flex and Bolt motion control system, (by Alex de Heus). We worked with a four man special-effects team… always on two sets, sometimes more!


Nescafé Classic…
Directed by Jean Paul Frenay, the service producer was Bang Bang films in Brussels, working with Prodigious from Paris. In these commercials we were using practical special-effects to demonstrate the exciting qualities of the many Nescafé products. Many were tested, few were chosen.

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