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physical special-effects

physical special-effects

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physical phenomena

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materials & reactions

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VIZ create physical special-effects, manipulating materials and physical processes… such as flame, vapours, collisions, explosions etc., developing temporary machines to make this happen.

We often work with commercial products including beer, chocolate, coffee, dairy products, all kinds of food, liquids, soap, cosmetics, etc.

Working from experience and experiment, VIZ triggers physical effects using programmable electronics, actuators and sensors.

Featured TV commercials

… showing our physical special-effects in action

What’s new?


Sculptures made using milk and filmed in high-speed. These splashes were used in the latest milk commercial to be released in France, which was directed by Raf Wathion.

Spiral pouring forms created using beer for mexican company Dos Equis. Shot at Caramel Pictures in Amsterdam and directed by Ronald Koezier…

Sylvain Freyens completed his “Mensonge” film, for which we provided the explosion of perfume and glass.

Vortices and material interactions for product inserts in 5 different Nescafe commercials, using the high-speed Phantom Flex and Bolt motion control system.


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